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Our programme outline

Foundation Stage

Ages 3 – 5 | Foundation 1 and 2

During these formative years of the Foundation Stage, a carefully integrated two-year programme of learning is provided which covers seven key areas.

Key Stage 1

Ages 5 – 7 | Years 1 and 2

A more structured daily approach that helps children continue their development in learning how to read, write, and count in English.

Key Stage 2

Ages 7 – 11 | School years 3 – 6

Topics are structured to allow children the freedom to explore new subjects in a stimulating way, encouraging a natural enthusiasm for more learning. 

Key Stages 3 & 4

Ages 11 – 16  | School years 7 – 11

As children get older we teach them to think more critically – it is at this stage that students develop a deeper knowledge and understanding across the arts, humanities, languages and sciences. 

Key Stage 5

Ages 16 – 18 | Years 12 & 13 (Sixth Form)

The final two years of school after GCSEs prepare your child for university and the start of their careers. They choose from five further programmes of study, all of which are recognised by universities around the world.


By the end of each summer term

By the end of each summer term the school must write a report on your child’s progress and talk it through with you. We predominantly do formative, on the spot, assessments which have a high impact on student learning.

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At The BISU, we are an inclusive non-selective school and welcome applications to our school all year round from students of all abilities. We currently have availability in all year groups.

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The British Curriculum leads to GCSE (at age 16) and A Level examinations (at age 18). These are qualifications that are recognised by universities and employers around the world.