We create challenges in every lesson and every activity so that our students continuously grow and learn.

The British School Uppsala(BSU)

Beyond the Classroom

We encourage our students to be socially ambitious and learning beyond the classroom is a key part of their development. We offer a large variety of inspiring, educational and cultural experiences that will help to create confident and compassionate individuals, preparing the next generation of global citizens.

Life at BSU is so much more than our classrooms. Our wide range of clubs, groups and activities – both during and after school – offer students the chance to extend and enrich their interests, as well as providing opportunities for personal development.


The lessons learnt through collaboration on after school projects, hours of dance rehearsal or dedicated sporting practice are invaluable. It is through a full range of clubs, activities and sports that we help students find their true passions. 

We create challenges in every lesson and every activity so that our students continuously grow and learn

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The British School Uppsala (BSU)

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Co-Curricular Activities

Our interest-based activities give our students the chance to develop their skills in new and interesting fields, in addition to giving them the chance to learn through real-life experience.

We use technology to move beyond the classroom walls and transform education with new e-skills development. We are developing the digital innovators and technology experts of tomorrow.

Blended learning is central to our curriculum, and as part of the Enrichment Programme all students can extend their skills even further. Students learn about Robotics, coding and programming. 

STEAM is an Education for global leadership. We are developing the leaders of tomorrow. Students are encouraged to be independent learners from the first day of school, supported to undertake roles of responsibility and encouraged to be active global citizens.

All our learning activities are designed to enable students to “think globally and act locally”. Social enterprise and community is at the heart of everything we do, and the school links with many external agencies in order for students to participate, problem solve and invent in real world settings.

Students at BSU participate in a planned progression of outdoor experiences that take place in Sweden. These activities allow students to develop universal values for the society at large, leadership skills and greater self-confidence as relationships with peers and teachers are strengthened through various environmental club activities.

Trips are vital part of the learning that happens in school; it directly relates to our learning skills programme and gives children the skills to become lifelong learners.  All children experience a wide range of school trips throughout the academic year which enhance their learning and support the curriculum.  

At the BISU we make every effort to understand each individual child’s strengths and aptitude, to see how we can best address them. A range of specialist clubs provide enhanced guidance and training to students, helping them enhance their skills in their particular field of interest. Such focused learning helps students work well in groups, take responsible and independent decisions, and understand better their areas of potential and proficiency.

 We value and celebrate diversity through our curriculum, Enrichment Programme and through the many special events that we hold each year. 

The opportunities to learn different languages throughout BISU are numerous and prepares students for the international nature of their Diploma or Career-related Programme at Post 16. Every student must follow a language, which adds significant depth and breadth to their world-readiness.

Students choose their own council of students working to improve the school and make it a better place in which to learn and live. We are a voice for the students and we represent the student community.

Admissions Process

At The BSU, we are an inclusive non-selective school and welcome applications to our school all year round from students of all abilities. 

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Applying for a Place at the BSU

The BISU Admissions Team is here to support and guide you during your child’s next learning journey. We are excited and enthusiastic about each and every enquiry and application, and view each one as our priority.