Our Educators

We believe that outstanding teachers are the cornerstone of an outstanding school.

BSU Teachers

At BSU we actively seek out and recruit educational professsionals globally. Whether they come to us from Uppsala, Britain, South Africa or Jordan, they are highly qualified, dedicated and committed to their work.

We believe that outstanding teachers are the cornerstone of an outstanding school. By recruiting the best and then building on our teachers’ pedagogical expertise through ongoing professional development, we ensure that the educational and personal development needs of our students are met.

Our teachers have the qualifications, experience and in-service professional training needed to inspire and educate our students to the highest standards.


British Education

STEAM Professional Educators

All our teachers are highly qualified and have a high level of professional experience that is imperative to maintain the high standards of education of our students. 

Our principals have an exceptional track record, focusing on outstanding results, happy teachers, successful students and involved parents.

STEAM principals are responsible for ensuring that this  world class expertise reaches the children in the classroom. 

Above all, STEAM principals are there to inspire and to motivate; giving teachers the support and confidence they need to be the very best educators and motivating students to achieve their full potential – with the full support of STEAM parents.

Our international network of multi-skilled advisers provide invaluable support and guidance in all areas of school life.

They help us ensure world class standards of education for STEAM students and share with us the best and latest educational practices from around the world.

The standard of our teaching is regularly assessed by a professional team of senior academics who have been trained in important areas of school inspection including:

  • International accreditation
  • School inspection methodologies
  • School self-evaluations

Years 12 and 13 (SIXTH FORM): AGES 16-18. The final two years of school after GCSEs prepare your child for university and the start of their careers. They choose from five further programmes of study, all of which are recognised by universities around the world:

  • A Levels
  • IB Diploma Programme
  • IB Career-Related Programme
  • BTEC Qualifications

Mixed Pathway

Admissions Process

At The BSU, we are an inclusive non-selective school and welcome applications to our school all year round from students of all abilities. 

Start Your Journey

We are excited to share with you what our school has to offer and look forward to meeting your family. Please fill out The Admissions FORM below. 

Contact Admissions

You can contact the Admissions Team in the following ways to discuss any questions you have about The BSU and the Admissions process.

Applying for a Place at the BSU

The BSU Admissions Team is here to support and guide you during your child’s next learning journey. We are excited and enthusiastic about each and every enquiry and application, and view each one as our priority.