British Education

We follow the broad, balanced British curriculum, delivering an “Internationally British” education in English to children aged 3 to 18.

Sixth Form - Post 16

We have much to offer students in the Sixth Form academically. Students with these qualifications are able to apply to appropriate courses at colleges and universities around the world. 

Sixth Form Students are also encouraged to participate in a broad range of Co-Curricular Activities and find a balance between the CCAs and studies. They will find support, as well as challenges, in their two years in Sixth Form.

Five Academic Pathways

The Sixth Form at The British School offers five Academic Pathways. Our qualifications all are well-established, well-recognised and highly valued by schools, universities and employers.

Sixth Form

British Education

Admissions Process

At The BISU, we are an inclusive non-selective school and welcome applications to our school all year round from students of all abilities. 

Start Your Journey

We are excited to share with you what our school has to offer and look forward to meeting your family. Please fill out The Admissions FORM below. 

Contact Admissions

You can contact the Admissions Team in the following ways to discuss any questions you have about The BISU and the Admissions process.

Applying for a Place at the BISU

The BISU Admissions Team is here to support and guide you during your child’s next learning journey. We are excited and enthusiastic about each and every enquiry and application, and view each one as our priority.