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Age & Grade Placement

Families are encouraged to use the country comparison chart below to ensure that they are applying to the correct grade level, taking into account the differences that exist in the naming of “grades” around the world. (As an example, Year 3 in England is equivalent to Grade 1 in Sweden although both programmes are for a 7-year-old that turn 8 during the school year).

If there are questions about the correct grade-level placement, please contact the Registration Team.

Age on 31st AugustUnited States/CanadaSwedenBritish System (BISU)
3Pre-schoolPre-school (Förskola)Foundation StagePre-school
4Pre-school/Junior KindergartenPre-schoolReception
5KindergartenPre-school Key Stage 1Year 1
6Grade 1Pre-school class (Förskoleklass)Year 2
7Grade 2Year 1 (Lågstadiet) Key Stage 2Year 3
8Grade 3Year 2 Year 3
9Grade 4Year 3 Year 5
10Grade 5Year 4 (Mellanstadiet) Year 6
11Grade 6Year 5 Key Stage 3Year 7
12Grade 7Year 6 Year 8
13Grade 8Year 7 (Högstadiet) Year 9
14Grade 9Year 8 Key Stage 4Year 10
15Grade 10Year 9 Year 11
16Grade 11Year 10 (Gymnasium) Key Stage 5Year 12
17Grade 12Year 11 Year 13

Age & Grade Placement

If you are unsure as to your child’s placement grade, please refer to the Age Equivalency Guide . Your child should have reached the corresponding age for the desired grade by the cut-off date August 31st.